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    The history 

    Ministry of roads and transportation
    On 11 April the year 1301 overall administration under the title of "General Administration of shvara and means" in the collection of the Ministry of construction and the formation of the aama mission, benefits and maintenance of the country's road to this delegate administration. On 27 March the year 1308, and based on the law passed by the Assembly and the formation of an independent Ministry of ways to book shvara. Before the year 1304 road operations required credit solar planetary and rahdari through obtaining supply fee was considered in the shosh that this years download this fee in the prescribed rahdarkhaneh was banned and the weight of ghirkhals import and export taxation under the tax as way to download. In 1305 the proposed project under the title of program through the Department of buildings and shvara ways by the editor that were due during the period of 9 months and with credit for approximately 45 million dollar road construction-grade 1 and shosh 17021 km 2 and 3 to be done and this is the first project to build Iran's program has been considered shosh. At present the Ministry of roads and transportation, maintenance of about 170000 km freeway Highway, the main road ـ ـ ـ lateral and the headquarter office by 3 rural and 29 of the Department is responsible for provincial roads and transportation.
    The Ministry of housing and the inhabiting:
    In order to create focus and coordination in the preparation and implementation of urban development plans, and the dhasazi of inhabiting, Ministry of housing oshahrsazi in 22/12/1342 with the name of the Ministry of housing with the necessary organization for inhabiting and performing the following main tasks has been established. (A) preparation and implementation of plans and programs of the creation of the housing (b) preparation and implementation of the plan of building State institutions, ministries and c: msaai account with the municipality in order to preparation and implementation of inhabiting cities d: monitoring the development of cities and city mapping in ﻫ msaai account: msaai account with the relevant organizations and authorities in the preparation and implementation of the programs of the ten building (especially through the implementation of the self-help program in the countryside) and : Set the standards and technical specifications for housing and Urban Affairs, prepared plans and governmental buildings and ten
    (G) preparation and execution of building projects: that they are equipped with the necessary governmental organization there must be mentioned in accordance with law and civil reconstruction of villages and the liquidation of the Ministry of agriculture products and consumables approved by the year 1350, the implementation of environmental improvement projects, making the rural way, construction of residential building and public housing in the villages of installations and urban planning, and separated from the Ministry of cooperatives and Ministry of Agriculture-Rural Affairs later was called-was delegated; Meanwhile, the provisions of clauses of "e-" The said law on the establishment of the Ministry of Jihad-e-Sazandegi was delegated to the Ministry. Road and urban planning Department of Golestan province on 31 May 1390وزارت oshahrsazi way with Parliament vote and then the Guardian Council confirmed the merger of the two ministries and the formation of oshahrsazi and Housing Minister way mandates were all possibilities, obligations, credits, oamoal human resources oghir the movable immovable mentioned ministries the Ministry of ways to pass the oshahrsazi. Road and urban development office in Golestan province, during the urban development Minister of road and then by the time after the integration of Department of road and transportation and housing and urban development agency started in the year 91.

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

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