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    • The beginning of the ceremony of delivery of 4 planes on Jami at mehrabad
    • Urban bazafarini and the development of capacities in the priority of the Ministry of roads and urban development
    • Send condolences Director General of Roads and Urban Development Golestan province in coal mine accident an unfortunate injury
    • Call identify and attract qualified engineers for supervision over construction
    • Appreciation of Golestan 2 Lady capable Roads and Urban Development on the occasion of Women Week
    • Urban and rural roads functional Golestan was praised
    • The first piece belt next six months Gorgan to be exploited
    • Golestan move with caution drivers on the road
    • Opening bridge "fountain of flowers" Ramian the presence of the governor of Golestan
    • Golestan ceaseless efforts toll on nature
    • 110 passengers settled way before the New Year in Golestan Rahdarkhanh
    • Comprehensive plans and detailed document of a city
    • Top Golestan province in celebrations of the week were victims of car accidents
    • New Year axes of movement in Golestan 15 percent
    • 4 toll station has been set up to guide travelers on the road of Golestan
    • Due to the possibility of snowfall in the mountains:
    • Director General of Roads and Urban Development, Golestan:
    • New Year message of the Director General of Roads and Urban Development Golestan Province to bring his entourage.
    • Golestan good performance was evaluated Transportation Safety Commission
    • Two pieces of the Gorgan was refurbished historical context

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     Directors and staff of the Department of Roads and Urban Development Golestan ceremony weepers and a woman on the testimony
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    4-08-1394, 08:32
     Director of Roads and Urban Development, Golestan said the end of this year, 188 kilometers of rural roads will be paved.
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    4-08-1394, 08:30
      Director of Roads and Urban Development with an emphasis on institutionalization of Iran believe a healthy serving of the
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    4-08-1394, 08:29
     Ashura, a comprehensive book of love and Hussein was our history aborting every epic, story bland and boring except for the
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    4-08-1394, 08:26
    With the beginning of the auspicious birth anniversary of Imam Reza dignity and (R), in a ceremony attended by women and girls
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    27-05-1394, 18:59
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    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

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