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    • The beginning of the ceremony of delivery of 4 planes on Jami at mehrabad
    • Urban bazafarini and the development of capacities in the priority of the Ministry of roads and urban development
    • Send condolences Director General of Roads and Urban Development Golestan province in coal mine accident an unfortunate injury
    • Call identify and attract qualified engineers for supervision over construction
    • Appreciation of Golestan 2 Lady capable Roads and Urban Development on the occasion of Women Week
    • Urban and rural roads functional Golestan was praised
    • The first piece belt next six months Gorgan to be exploited
    • Golestan move with caution drivers on the road
    • Opening bridge "fountain of flowers" Ramian the presence of the governor of Golestan
    • Golestan ceaseless efforts toll on nature
    • 110 passengers settled way before the New Year in Golestan Rahdarkhanh
    • Comprehensive plans and detailed document of a city
    • Top Golestan province in celebrations of the week were victims of car accidents
    • New Year axes of movement in Golestan 15 percent
    • 4 toll station has been set up to guide travelers on the road of Golestan
    • Due to the possibility of snowfall in the mountains:
    • Director General of Roads and Urban Development, Golestan:
    • New Year message of the Director General of Roads and Urban Development Golestan Province to bring his entourage.
    • Golestan good performance was evaluated Transportation Safety Commission
    • Two pieces of the Gorgan was refurbished historical context

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     Nature Day and to coincide with a ceremony attended by the governor of Golestan, the governor of Rummy, Director General of Roads and Urban Development and other provincial officials to bridge the "fountain of flowers" in the city Ramian was put into operation.

    According to the Public Relations Department of Roads and Urban Development Department in Golestan Province, the Department has allocated 530 million rials credit within a few days to infrastructure, asphalt and installation of safety signs and safety of the bridge to facilitate the movement of tourists and New Year travelers is investigated.
    According to information received from the base in Golestan province, spring flowers bridge crossing and access Rami 85 years for collars for tourists, locals and farmers and land area around the city was built.
    With flooding in years 90 and 91, the bridge was rebuilt in two stages but the rate of 375 meters per second flood in 93 years was above the bridge was completely destroyed.
    The events of the past year's credit funds amounting to 13 billion rials has been allocated for this purpose and with its completion, the bridge was put into operation Ramian spring flowers.
    The deck of the bridge has a length of 27 meters and a width of five meters useful in Arak Machine made and the foundations of the bridge is 10 meters and 18 meters long and seven meters high earrings.
    It is noteworthy that last year Rummy spring flowers as a national natural heritage registration

    Opening bridge "fountain of flowers" Ramian the presence of the governor of Golestan


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