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    Management development and resource management


    Manager: Mohammad Ali Jalali academic degree: Ma in the history of public service management: more than 29 years address: Gorgan, Shahid beheshti Ave., building and urban development department, a number of ways of Golestan province Tel: 01732241451 a description of the duties of the management of development resources


    1-guidance and overseeing all departments under supervision in order to perform the assigned duties of Hassan 2-monitoring the work flow for all structural, administrative, financial and welfare in order to fix the problems and artificial borders and provide continuous reports on the current activities of the Director and Deputy to the province of overseeing and monitoring the affair-3 prediction of required human resources department and educational needs in the form of annual funds, human resources and other drop effective variables in order to A comprehensive human resources planning program 4-the administrative activities of the Commission monitoring the transformation of the Department in order to fulfill the seven administrative transformation program and submit the necessary reports to the Deputy Minister and the Director of the province and monitor the scope of the Ministry headquarter-5 applies to systems analysis and methods of working and modify the specific methods and coordination with headquarter in order to promote efficiency, productivity, satisfaction, reduced costs and clientele removes unwanted steps 6. Monitoring is the establishment of productivity management system in order to optimum use of human resources, financial, information, ... 7. monitor how to provide support services such as: financial and human ... To other fields through a subset of units 8-monitor how procurement consumables and spare parts of machinery and their consumption in accordance with the relevant provisions and 9-monitor how public service Affairs Department the transfer to the private sector 10-monitoring of secretariat of Department
    11-how to pay the costs of the current monitoring and financial development, according to the rules and regulations associated with 12-monitor the consumption credits in terms of observance of the rules and regulations related to financial control-13 maintenance of accounts and financial offices and Planning Department amoali with StarCraft and the cooperation of the provincial departments 14-communicating and do the necessary coordination with relevant devices in order to remove ambiguities, province problems and bottlenecks in the duties and responsibilities assigned about 15- Supervision on the implementation of the regulations, guidelines, laws and regulations on the branch if you do 16-subsidiary companies and establishments necessary coordination with the provinces, in the company-17 the Commission the relevant Councils and committees by the relevant laws and regulations of the Department of human resources development and the transformation of administrative cooperation with headquarter in field 1 is the assessment and preparation of and regulate the organizational chart, objectives, responsibilities and organizational ablaghi organizational structure with the detailed regulations of the Upon the institution of the Vice Presidency
    2. provide the necessary recommendations on the creation of the necessary dissolution of the merger or non-units 3-taking necessary measures relative to the laws, regulations, approved by the relevant legislation and comprehensive planning 4-implementation of the human resources department by 5-ablaghi analysis and design of systems and methods of working and modify the specific methods and coordination with ministries to enhance productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction of the clientele, the reduction of costs and eliminating waste steps 6. the implementation of the standards and the location and how to deploy the units 7-administrative forms, financial control, and if necessary specialized support and reform with the Ministry of reconstruction and transformation of the administrative coordination center of the tie 8-following the use and utilization of modern techniques and methods of implementation 9-طرح تكريم clientele and people in the country's administrative system, satisfaction 10-implementation of administrative coordination transformational programs of reconstruction and transformation of the administrative centre, with the Department of legislation and the implementation of the directive-11 tie in For the creation of organizational transformation has been communicated 12-implementation of program efficiency and optimum use of human resources, financial, information and. .. 13-implementation of the quality management system programs.
    14-assessment of educational needs and estimation of employees in order to develop the appropriate standards-based jobs and skills reflect the renovation and transformation of the administrative center 15-performing specialized testing and employment, and provide the necessary reports to the Ministry headquarter 16-study and proposal of employment needs at the level of supply Department on the basis of the approved budget in the framework of the units and offers 17-Affairs Department with the payment of the laws, regulations and the regulations of the employment in The framework of duties and powers have been submitted 18-prediction of different units and administrative needs of the procurement action for the purpose of preparing and securing them in the framework of the credits approved by the 19-create and update database statistics and the Department of human resources and administration of the time the 20-stock units and perform related services 21-22-tlfnkhanh Affairs Department prediction of fire fighting and safety equipment and perform other measures in order to prevent the occurrence of privacy and the other 23-biography Affairs Department Welfare with due observance of laws and regulations, public service matters to transfer 24-the private sector, and monitoring their implementation, such as brahsn abdarkhaneh, ventilation, cleaning, facilities, etc. Through public bidding, with 25 of the contract-monitoring and maintenance of buildings, installations and cause equipment Department 26-monitor the administration of transportation and do other repair and maintenance of optimal Transport Department 27-supervision of the Affairs of the 831 and supervisor of various units to clientele 28-monitoring and control of the presence and absence of the employees and preparing the necessary reports and statistics 29-tharirat Affairs and supervision of secretariat of Department
    Office of financial affairs and the annual budget implementation Act zihasabi 1-in accordance with the relevant guidelines of the mtbadelh agreement 2-payment of the costs of capital assets – tmelk – operational personel. in the framework of the validity of the Act and the plan and projects 3-payment costs and regulation of relevant documents and lists with current rules and conditions of the registration and maintenance of the financial figures of 4-in the relevant offices and the preparation of financial reports and fund application required 5-bn artificial accounting of Treasury agents to In order to facilitate the transfer of payments to the fund drive 6-zihesab on the basis of regulations and agents comply with the operating and installation a. property and monitor their assignments 7-issuance request funds from the Treasury on the basis of the allocation of credits representing the cost of capital assets tmelk 8-timely deposit control and care in the Revolving Fund in the form of cash and deposits balance acceptable documents 9-bank accounts opening as required by Treasury agents in the province to 10 documents Cost of registration and maintenance of records of income and expenditure account and adjust the monthly accounts and send it to the relevant origins in due course 11-providing credit and payment documents for the opening of credits within the framework of the regulation 12-matters related to the consideration of financial and audit documents and securities and the cost of the relevant offices registration 13-matters related to the download and payments within the framework of the financial rules and regulations relating

    14-each account maintenance plans and projects in accordance with the relevant guidelines 15-financial operations and maintenance account for debts related to that 16-regulation of offices and maintenance of property and finance account and monitoring Department under the law 17-participation in matters relating to the bid – bid and drop out of the bidding and auctions with respect to formalities 18 regulations documents evaluation of tender bids in accordance with the conditions and developing – holding the implementation of laws and regulations issued by the Supreme Court of ghrarhai – computing The judicial courts and the other 19-getting the necessary assistance from national headquarter on how consumption credits 20 other legal matters entrusted the administration of operational income and expenses 1-receipt of deposit and the demands of provincial revenue, and move them to the appropriate accounts and financial reports and provide the necessary operational and 2-preparation of necessary data tables and index Department 3-identification of all major operations including the introduction to the resources, and the operational side and non-information resources Of them in order to better benefit from the above sources 4 conduct affairs related to auctions with the observance of the laws, regulations and formalities of the usual 5-registration and account maintenance of income and expense in legal offices 6-preparation and regulation of balance and profit and loss account

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