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    Technical and administrative management


    Manager: a. academic degree: Ma in refuge in God public service experience management: about 17 years address: Gorgan, Shahid beheshti Ave., building and urban development department, a number of ways of Golestan province Tel: 01732228126 a description of the duties of the Executive and technical management 1-monitor is preparing technical and executive programmes in accordance with ablaghi policies


    2-Monitor is the needs of governmental organization based in the province of administrative buildings, public and specialized and provide reports to the Deputy Minister and the Director of province 3-monitoring and information relating to financial projects in progress, including credits and development of physical and payments in order to gather and provide a report to the Deputy Minister and the Director with coordination units 4-do province under supervision in order to estimate the needs of the logistical plans and National and provincial projects and provide to the Minister and Deputy Director of the province in order to adopt the decision 5-monitoring the regulation of contracts with consultants for the purpose of formulating part 6-participation in the Commission, the relevant Councils, according to the Committee, the rules and regulations of the prepared and provided for the 7-monitoring programs in the short-term and mid-term evaluation of the realization of the subsidiary units, and these programmes in cooperation and coordination with the other 8-device establishments In order to carry out the tasks related to the technical part of the 9-oaghazi monitor all matters relating to the administrative and technical departments in the province with participation and cooperation in the field of 10-headquarter in performing other matters entrusted
    The Bureau of engineering 1-planning and they are assigned on the basis of the activities of the policy and the policy of ablaghi and actual and potential with regard to existing facilities in the province 2-planning in order to optimum use of facilities and equipment of the province for implementation of the project and of the national and provincial plans in the framework of the general programmes approved and the necessary adjustment of report 3-study and cooperation in the selection of consultants and contractors in the context of the prescribed criteria, technical qualification They were professional and the conclusion of the relevant contracts have been determined on the basis of 4-feasibility study of the plan prepared by consultants, mining potential and finally approved by the ashkalat they are in the range of powers of the approved 5-provide the background of the establishment of standards, samples, and patterns have been communicated to the Commission in the delivery of the company's 6-and 7-consideration as temporary and commenting than to change the technical specifications of the national and provincial projects implemented during the period 8-keep and maintenance of documents, Designed maps and documents, and technical cooperation in archive 9-Executive and participation in the preparation of sample maps tailored to local conditions and possibilities and also the description of the technical and administrative services and supervising them 10-engineering services for provincial projects, including technical and engineering advice, or the allocation of appropriate human resources and requirements of the projects
    3-p. 1-classification and the necessary information about the conditions and the situation of contractors and consultants, and their specifications are based on the rules and regulations, and knowledge of the criteria and conditions of the respective contracts regulating marriage 2-investigation plans and timing maps and conduct matters relating to employment contract formalities on the basis of principles and conditions with p. contractors and religious observance of the respective laws and regulations 3-ordered contractors to start work and monitor the progress of the work They are 4-timing program, according to the regulation of the sample contracts and forms they are required at the time of the marriage contracts confirmed for 5-and the status of temporary difference and added, as amended, and as consultants and contractors of the parties and implementing them with the provisions of the Covenant and, if necessary, commenting on them in the company of Commission 6-temporary and definitive delivery 7-consideration to issues and problems of contractors in relation to the implementation of the provisions of the contracts quality 8-performance evaluation consultants And contractors in the middle and end sections and reports to the issuing authority of 9-evaluation results relevant to the disposition of their contractors to 10 – origins takhyarat contractors and expropriation or terminate pursuant to the provisions of the Covenant 11 – preparation of statistics and reports and adwari on the diversity and size of the physical and financial promise made at the provincial level 12 – preservation and maintenance documents, maps and documents designed according to the principles of the technical and administrative

    Bureau of supervision of building projects and public and governmental concern 1-establishment and maintenance of a data bank update installations of public buildings and public and available in the province 2-monitoring the quality of the implementation of plans and projects of national and provincial the province entrusted by contractors and ensure observance of the criteria and conditions developing in their design in order to achieve optimal execution plans and projects 3-expert evaluation concerning the requests of the device The general direction of the State and the destruction of public buildings and public facilities, and 4 continuous study of the needs of the governmental organization of the administrative building, the province, offer suggestions and General 5-necessary in the medium term and short term programs in line with the algosazi of buildings and public facilities, according to the needs of the State and the climate and region 6-study and analysis of the indicators for the distribution of the credits and the seasons of the construction of public facilities and the State and province 7-the Supreme supervision of the case and on the construction of public and governmental and national and provincial duck and provide reports to the Deputy Minister and the Director of the province 8-nazerin selected projects in accordance with the regulations and their application approved 9-prediction and estimation of the credits required for the project are based on the respective forms 10-maturity for payment status and ordered 11-participation in the Commission of the provisional and definitive delivery 12-visits of State projects and courses 13-public reports of the progress of the project and how to function and provide it to the relevant authorities

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