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    Administrator: a. academic degree: Ma in shahini civil service history: more than 25 years address: Gorgan, Shahid beheshti Ave., mlaghati St., warehouse-m building No. 2 road and urban planning Department of Golestan province phone: 01732248725/fax: 01732248723 real estate management duties and legal initiative management areas programs 1-guidance and overseeing the implementation of the tasks entrusted on the branch


    2. the initiative is evaluation and estimation of the land purchase and the tmelk about the price and also will be assigned to the applicants that the land according to the law and regulations of the relevant Executive 3-control is to collect statistics and other data required for planning activities and overseeing the branch actions and provide the results to the Director the province 4-monitor the creation and update the information Bank of Earth in various units communicate with 5-to province In order to obtain information on their activities in relation to the transfer of land and facilities and also obtain statistics and information regarding the activities carried out on urban land in the provincial level 6-monitoring would land conservation at the provincial level 7-monitoring is identification, selection of land suitable for the project and land feasibility and delivery what is 8-participation in meetings of the Committee and report to the Director General concluded province 9-preparation Program management and executive tasks in the form of progress reports approved by the Director General of the Secretariat of the Commission 10-province in the Affairs of the diagnosis of urban land law article 12 issue 11-guidance applies to the evaluation criteria in the arena and aaian located in and pay the cost of the route they
    Office of real estate and land bank 1-taking necessary measures to obtain land ownership documents and property belonging to the State and insert the information in the financial offices and land bank 2-taking necessary measures for the purchase of land or tmelk identifying and obtaining the land ownership of the aforementioned document 3-taking necessary measures for land registration and property-related shortcomings profile fixes 4-taking necessary measures for the relevant offices registration real estate tmelk in the preparation of the required 5-astalamat thbati and answers Questions and fix ashkalat thbati corresponding to the desired land 6-full specs announced the Government's ownership to the land accordingly to the housing and building management 7-and the necessary reports on land registered in the name of the State profile and submit it to the relevant management 8-following the issuance of a legal document called the State of the real estate Registration Office documents, and to achieve results
    9. follow up matters relating to the law of the land, land subject to urban machine is subject to the issuance of the Commission's Affairs following the 10-article 12 of the Commission related to the notification and relevant references to the theory of consolidation of land ownership of the Government for the implementation of the operational programme 11-preparation of land required in the framework of the program approved by the Department in the cities of the province 12-the partition, the collection, separation and do other formalities required real estate thbati Maleki 13-diagnosis and to determine the price and supply of credit and the payment of the cost of measures for the real estate purchase item 14-interaction and cooperation and correspondence with the Organization of inspection and nzarati in the section relating to the filing and classification 15-real documents and real estate records public and relevant documentation 16-response to astalamat relevant departments include finance, real estate records, official documents, municipality offices. 17-collection and separation tmelki and tmeliki land Department and purchase agreement 18-related affairs inquiry form "c" and the data entry and update information systems 19-diagnosis noait the Earth with the subject of the Commission article 12 20-preparation and establishment of data bank preparation of land 21 province-land and real estate positions album malaki Government
    The Bureau of identification and protection of urban land, land subject to the 1-identification of the law for land purchase and tmelk 2-identification of actual mining Department 3-malaki profile identified land and real estate 4-No. thbati status inquiry of the identification and mapping of they 5-taking necessary measures to reflect the ratio of cases to administer the property and land bank for detection of noait extraction and determination of Earth-6 which need to have protection 7-release advertising a call to in order to select the institution The relevant legal protection for 8-choose the qualified Institute in order to conclude a contract of protection and maintenance of land and property to the delivery of the contracted supply of land maintenance of 9-10 credit-monitoring protection of contractor performance and maintenance mode of land survey and land 12-duty maintenance and introduction of proof them in order to sell or transfer 13-cooperation and coordination with the judicial courts and protect the rights of Assembly, the presence of the Holy Land about contemplated seizing land and been Legal Office, or mtsrafin with the tserfat to perform the transfer and removal measures.
    13-following and do other matters related to the protection and maintenance of the legal Bureau of land resources, assessment of damages and the transfer of 1-40 c and the placing of all prosecutions against people and respond to the relevant placing on the province and exchange the necessary defense and loaih in different stages of maturity in different references in terms of the established laws of 2-placing lawyers work and referral programs work as they prepared the Declaration and notification to people ranging from real and legal persons on behalf of the Deputy Minister and Director of the province in necessary cases and replying to them 3-studying and commenting and replying to communications other than legal astalamat units of the Department and the province 4-evaluation of the legal provisions relative to the قراردادهائي and commenting that they conclude in the Department and approved by the relevant authorities after they set 5-getting the extended warranty company is bidding on a contract and obligations and warranties mstenkf recording command from the contract and the preparation of the order To free warranty contract has been submitted about powers 6-responsiveness to complaints by the country's out of ablaghi total inspection and regulation of defence items authorized by the Supreme Court of loaih the calculation of the country 7-follow up of judgments issued Executive Office in implementation of directives of authorities crushed the province and relevant cities 8-rsidi and commenting than real and legal entities, including placing contractual and legal and judicial follow up on delayed fulfillment of obligations and claims rials against them Office
    9-all matters relating to the transfer of land in the implementation of the relevant laws and policies by the Ministry of ablaghi of nationality:-preparation and publication of advertisement for the transfer to provide land-preparation and distribution of the questionnaire required for the transfer and sale of land and completed questionnaire-matters related to the evaluation of land pricing and the duty to determine matters relating to the transfer of experience and responsiveness to its related astalamat-related persons and legal jurisdiction With land transfer-transfer between the conditions stipulated in the law in order to hadnsab and malekiti their land uncultivated lands has been diagnosis-responsiveness to all real and legal persons in connection with the transfer of 10-matters relating to the sale of residential units 12-matters relating to the sale of land and residential units and aghsati the critical 13-formalities of holding auctions with due observance of the relevant laws and regulations in cooperation with other relevant parts of
    14-requested expert determination of the land price and is made through the official expert departments of Justice or the laws and control engineering of building 15-preparation of specifications of all land sold or assigned and notify the Office of real estate and land bank 16-taking necessary measures in order to register the transfer or real estate sold in the respective offices 17-tserfat land in the illicit items inspection to the Department and the primary measures to capture 19-following the expropriation and Fix seizing land and real estate of about seizing the illicit and legal persons and non-maja 20-implementation of the financial commitments to the benefit of the Department in the administrative and legal authorities, thbati and receipt of the relevant Treasury account to deposit and there are 21-evaluation criteria in the arena and in the implementation of the tacisati and the aian programs of the country's development in the field of creation and destruction are the way the are 22-evaluation of land and real estate records and documents purchased from metsrfi, entrust or vacuolation Thus, the issuing of documents and ownership and send the documents to the State property Department 23-reports to inform relevant authorities adwari yield

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