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    Code of Ethics staff

    Ethics and the way the Department of urban planning of Golestan province


    1-Job duties and responsibilities and organizational 1-1-to observe discipline in the activities and presence of the Organization in a timely matter. 1-2-tasks and have the seriousness and persistence and مسئولیتها them with precision, accuracy and in a timely manner. 1-3-we try to up your knowledge in the field of enterprise activities by day and kept them with their initiative and ability in conducting the administrative and organizational activities to work. 1-4-value new ideas and thoughts and logical for them to form the Executive in Executive and administrative system of the respective device efforts. 1-5-to increase the efficiency of administrative system by increasing the efficiency of their activities we attempt. 1-6-out of facilities, equipment and administrative system of capital and the effective use and protection of their work. 1-7-activities and interactions, relationships, sexual, racial, ethnic, خوشاوندی, religious etc. effect on decisions and aqdamatman. 1-8-انتقادپذیری the spirit of constructive criticism, and others as a chance to revise and improve themselves and فعالیتهایمان. 1-9-always and at all times to the satisfaction of God Almighty in mind, and put on what God would or frustrated by it, have the full attention and he will supervise his actions and deeds. 2 behaviour and dealing with clientele and partners 2-1-people and citizens in the administrative system, as are right for our efforts by creating the proper connection. and offer better service, the positive image of the Executive and the administrative system in mind, we create them.
    2-2-visitors for fair and within the framework of the laws, regulations and conditions of service of the offer 2-3-in the range of job duties, the necessary and appropriate information and guides to provide clientele and in the field of services, transparent case. 2-4-legal clientele demands in the framework of its duties with precision and accuracy, speed and without formalities, administrative waste and impose additional cost to him. 2-5-respect to clientele and are happy with them, and talk to a welcoming face. 2-6-to comments, suggestions and بازخوردهای citizens and visitors as a precious resource for improving the performance and look with the logical view to give them attention. 2-7-to give their personal and work. 2-8-we try to respect the culture of the clientele, respond and decrypt node of the problems of the people and the ruling system, a type of administrative value. 2-9-the spirit of collective work on your own to strengthen partnership and collaborative activities and participation possible. 2-10-the spirit of appreciation of the others on your own and we try to reinforce that this is spread between partners. 2-11-the knowledge, experience and abilities with your give Sadr illustrates the assembled partners and promote their diligent capabilities. 2-12-as much as possible in solving problems of job search efforts and partners in the private lives of their abstinence.

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

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    استان گلستان افتتاح پل گل چشمه ايستگاه راهداري ايمني راه ها بازديد بانوان توانمند تقدير تقديرنامه راميان راه و شهرسازي راهداري راهداري نوروزي شهرداران شوراي حمل و نقل كمربندي محور توسكستان مديركل مديريت راهسازي مهندس مبارك قدم مهندس مصدقي نوروز 95 وضعيت راه ها پيام نوروزي