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    Crisis management and passive defense

    Ozartkhanhasrperst complaints: a. academic degree: Bachelor of civil engineering history of kavyan served: more than 24 years address: Gorgan, Shahid beheshti Ave., building and urban development department, a number of ways of Golestan province Tel: 32241761 a description of the duties of the Office of crisis management and non-ghiraamel


    1. implementation of the resolutions of the provincial crisis management coordination Council and the Working Group of the vital artery, transport, atmospheric blayai and storm the country's crisis management organization 2-duties relating to the steps of forecasting and prevention, readiness, confront and communicated by the obastoani reconstruction of relevant references 3-preparation and offering of different stages of Executive policies required for crisis management plan prepared by the establishments 4-preparation of a comprehensive plan for transport sector specific risk, of vital arteries, blayai bed The storm, the supply of housing and land of earthquake hazards, landslides, installations, buildings and urban planning at the provincial level coordination with other devices 5-collect and gather classified information on damages to the section of road and urban planning at the provincial level after the occurrence of the events and the establishment of the specialized working group evaluation of damages in the Office 6-commissioning and crisis management site update section of road and urban planning at the Department level 7-following studies on the onzart and observance of the The principles of non-vital and sensitive installations in the ghiraamel and the important study and manufacture, with observance of the principle of cost-income and participation in approving plans prepared 8-estimation of required funds, the implementation of the proposal to the Committee the province and non-ghiraamel non-ghiraamel staff

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

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    استان گلستان افتتاح پل گل چشمه ايستگاه راهداري ايمني راه ها بازديد بانوان توانمند تقدير تقديرنامه راميان راه و شهرسازي راهداري راهداري نوروزي شهرداران شوراي حمل و نقل كمربندي محور توسكستان مديركل مديريت راهسازي مهندس مبارك قدم مهندس مصدقي نوروز 95 وضعيت راه ها پيام نوروزي