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    Department of Information and Communication Technology


    Head of Office: e Bani Hashem academic degree: Bachelor of software-master of artificial intelligence service history: 12 years address: Gorgan, Shahid beheshti Ave., building and urban development department, a number of ways of Golestan province Tel: 32221422 a description of the duties of the Office of information and communications technology


    1-collecting and combining the various statistics and information received from the departments and provide relevant origins 2-compiling statistics and reports the performance of the Department and adwari offering to do all relevant origins 3-activities of the Secretariat of the headquarters of statistics and integrated program and provide the necessary reports to the relevant authorities and other ministries headquarter 4-preparing integrated reports and analytical activities carried out in the province of adwari and submit it to the relevant control 5-origins How the implementation of projects entrusted to contractors and ensure observance of the criteria and conditions communicated the implementation Act 6-the predicted values of the control in the control system project, extract information about the physical progress of the projects and provide the necessary analytical reports to the Deputy Minister and the Director of the province for the implementation of the tasks entrusted 7-a comprehensive program of e-Government goals in 8-guidance systems, processes and procedures related to the fan Information in the province to improve the provision of services to a broad clientele 9-providing and maintaining the extensive network of local and network 10-hardware and software needs continuous Office within the framework of the general policy of the Ministry headquarter field 11-establishment and monitoring management information system to keep them proportional to the programs and policies of ministries 12-data analysis and processing of data in order to provide them to the continuous According to officials of various levels of about

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

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    استان گلستان افتتاح پل گل چشمه ايستگاه راهداري ايمني راه ها بازديد بانوان توانمند تقدير تقديرنامه راميان راه و شهرسازي راهداري راهداري نوروزي شهرداران شوراي حمل و نقل كمربندي محور توسكستان مديركل مديريت راهسازي مهندس مبارك قدم مهندس مصدقي نوروز 95 وضعيت راه ها پيام نوروزي