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    Assessment and Performance


    Administrator: Arab naameh address: Gorgan, Shahid beheshti Ave., building and urban development department, a number of ways of Golestan province Tel: 01732252622 a description of the duties of the Office of evaluation of the performance and responsiveness to complaints


    1. inspection of the performance of managers and employees and community satisfaction measurement of the various headquarters units of the province and the city and how to deal with managers and staff and clientele of periodical reports 2-analysis of the performance of the branch headquarters of the province and city staff and based on surveys done 3-implementation of the performance appraisal form completed and guidelines related to the preparation of the necessary documentation 4-download direct complaints and maktoob people (patients) of the headquarters units of the province And the city and employees 5-study on the accuracy or existence of the subject of the complaints and follow up until obtaining the conclusion in order to respond to the survey and response-6 shaki on inspection visits to institutions and 7-under after complaints to ensure the authenticity of the provisions and its responsiveness to public relations through the respect of the Administration and classification and analysis of the causes of the incidence of complaints and report to the authorities responsible for the 8-time commissioning of units covered by the Bureau All roads and urban planning, monitoring their activities and coordination in order to perform all the tasks determined Hasan 9-continuous measurement and evaluation of performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the programs of the Department and time units and to provide the results of the analytical reports to the Office of management performance and responsiveness to complaints the Department of nationality 10-reports on the performance of different distances and provide it to the Office of management performance and responsiveness to complaints departments

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

    اداره کل راه و شهرسازی استان گلستان

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    استان گلستان افتتاح پل گل چشمه ايستگاه راهداري ايمني راه ها بازديد بانوان توانمند تقدير تقديرنامه راميان راه و شهرسازي راهداري راهداري نوروزي شهرداران شوراي حمل و نقل كمربندي محور توسكستان مديركل مديريت راهسازي مهندس مبارك قدم مهندس مصدقي نوروز 95 وضعيت راه ها پيام نوروزي